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Papillomatous Digital Dermatitis (PDD) is an infectious claw disease in cattle - caused by bacteria. Affected cows will develop sore lesions on the skin. These lesions are painful and can cause lameness of different degrees and a reduction in milk production.


Using Healthy Hooves® helps maintain healthy herds. Benefits include:

  • Sustains consistent active copper levels in footbaths

  • Reduces use of copper sulphate by upto 80%

  • Protects the environment

  • Cost effective

  • Eliminates formaldehyde in footbaths


Healthy Hooves is research driven and farm tested


For more information please see attachment below or contact

Tony on tel no. 0151 639 3201 or Barry on tel no. 44 (0)2475 090 133

Healthy Hooves®‚Äč


The Copper Delivery System


We are the Regional Office for Healthy Hooves®eu and are currently working with farmers and vets across the North West to help prevent Digital Dermatitis outbreaks in Dairy Cattle.