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PTS - Powder Coating Range

We are the regional distributers for a full range of PTS products.

Pre-Treatment Solutions Ltd manufactures unique chemistry products for industrial application. 

·         PTS multi-metal technologies can be used on aluminium and steel - including galvanised.  

·         PTS cleaners and coatings technologies are based on eco-friendly chemistry - that reduces and often eliminates costly and harmful by-products.

·         PTS products provide a great solution for your pre-treatment needs.

Phosphating is a popular and relatively simple process that has been used to protect metal from corrosion for more than 100 years. Phosphate coatings are used to provide a receptive surface for bonding fabric, wood and other material to steel, however the main application is as a foundation for paint. 

PTS provides unique chemistries for multi-metal processes that are the latest generation of phosphating options and replacements. 

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