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Room temperature Blacking for iron, steel and cast iron.

Issues with Hot Caustic Baths

Hot caustic baths require a temperature of 143C, can spurt caustic soda and give off excessive steam when water is added. The solution is also difficult to control.

Why use Metalblak?

METALBLAK is a room temperature process, so it eliminates these problems. Expensive plant and heating controls are not required for most applications. The METALBLAK solutions are used in simple polyethylene tanks with no extraction required; meaning start up costs are minimal.

Our Metalblak Kits

METALBLAK kits are available in handy 5ltr, 1ltr, 500ml, 200ml and 100ml pack sizes - which contain all of the solutions required to carry out the simplest of blacking applications.  We can cater for industrial systems of any size, supplying chemicals in 25ltr drums.


  • The process is ready for immediate use - hot caustic baths require time to heat up                                          

  • METALBLAK can be used for a small batch or large batch volume work. Processing systems can be small dip tanks or fully automated barrelling lines 

  • No heat. No caustic. No fumes.                  

  • No dimensional change.

  • Corrosion resistance - the black surface absorbs wax, oil or rust preservatives to give protection. 

  • Appeal - the black finish is durable and enhances the appearance of manufactured articles. 

  • The black finish reduces light glare from moving machinery. 

Key Benefits of Metalblak

Also check out our METALBLAK Easyplate Electroless Nickel Process for iron, steel, cast iron, copper and brass. Easyplate is ideal when economy of operation is essential, and when maximum hardness and corrosion protection are required.

Our aim is to provide you with a better black finish, more economically.

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