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Cream Kits

METALBLAK - user instructions for Cream Kits. 

Chemical Blacking for iron, steel and cast iron.   


Our kits contain all of the chemicals you need to complete the blacking process.

Our METALBLAK Cream kit includes: Degreaser, Blacking Cream and Oil Sealer. 


















Use solutions as supplied. 


Please wear gloves and keep solutions away from children.

Ensure the components to be treated are free from rust/scale. METALBLAK Rust Remover can be used for removal of rust/scale (can be bought separately) The Rust Remover will remove existing blue/black finish. 




1. Apply the degreaser to the area to be treated with a clean cloth.

2. Remove the Degreaser with a clean, wet cloth. 


3. With a scotch pad, apply the METALBLAK Cream to the area to be treated. Further applications may be required to achieve the black finish required.There are two applications required as a general rule.


4. Remove the METALBLAK Cream with a clean wet cloth. 


5. Apply the Oil Sealer to the treated area with a clean cloth. Do not rub vigorously, just swab the oil on.


6. Allow the oil to dry for 45 minutes.

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